Industry Solutions


With the constant challenges of the healthcare industry, we are committed to providing you an entire body of Healthcare IT Security assessments and solutions by identifying and preventing attacks by foreign entities on your critical data, minimizing system outages and downtimes to their lowest possible levels, providing assessments for system vulnerability and automated system scanning to always meet HIPAA requirements as well as providing effective solutions to identify security threats early and preventing data loss.

Financial Services

Organizations of all types and sizes know the importance behind protecting its most prized assets, as the slightest breach of security can be disastrous. Blue Karma Security understands that financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions and other entities, are constantly focused upon and targeted by cyber attackers.

Government – State of California

When it comes to personal information, government entities (local, state and federal) are increasingly worried about providing enough security for systems connected to law enforcement, the courts, government e-commerce sites, tax information databases, credit and debit card information as well as other personal identification and critical data.


Many data security issues effecting colleges and universities such as data breaches that compromise valuable assets and information related to school administrators, faculty and students. Cyber attackers are especially after colleges and universities since they operate with extremely high bandwidths providing foundations to initiate attacks directed toward other entities.


All retailers are susceptible to cyber attackers stealing critical information, including credit and debit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINS) as well as other personal data. After a data loss is made public, customer confidence is lost and irreparable damage is done to a retailer’s reputation.


Law firms benefit tremendously from the technological advantages of email, social media, web technology and video conferencing. Both small and large firms are able to store their information through cloud-based applications from all over the world. Blue Karma Security realizes that, while advantageous in the manner of innovative tools and resources to better increase productivity […]


Blue Karma Security realizes how critical the need is for technology companies to depend on the highest level of IT support to sustain their end-user products and services. We provide customers with edge-to-edge data exchange integration solutions, including the scanning and processing of that data from literally any source in a variety of formats including […]


The entertainment industry relies on technology to sustain the needs of consumers and subscribers. More than anything, securing intellectual property and customer information is vital to the success of any organization in the entertainment industry.

Energy & Utilities

Energy-based organizations (oil, gas and electric) need to manage their file exchanges through MFT, set-up automated data updates between organizations and their suppliers, distributors and customers as well as deliver relevant data and billing information in a timely, accurate, and secure manner.