Financial Services

Organizations of all types and sizes know the importance behind protecting its most prized assets, as the slightest breach of security can be disastrous. Blue Karma Security understands that financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions and other entities, are constantly focused upon and targeted by cyber attackers.

With regard to meeting compliance standards, we are doing everything possible to help our financial services customers meet and exceed these conditions by constantly screening for outgoing e-mails containing confidential material, preventing phishing attacks as well as providing quick identification of various security breaches and suspicious behavior.

In addition, Blue Karma Security helps organizations to track, manage and provide detailed reports on critical data moving across networks and systems. We have provided email security, encryption and MFT to several banks, credit unions and insurance companies.

SMB bankrupted by international cyber-thieves:

Firm Bankruped by Cyberheist Sues Bank: