McAfee (Intel Security)

No matter what platform you’re running, Blue Karma Security can help you to better analyze, design, implement, upgrade and manage your network security system.

Blue Karma Security offers you Intel Security’s comprehensive planning, implementation, and support services for all Intel Security products. Intel Security Solution Services ensure that all Intel Security products are correctly configured, easily scalable, and fully compliant. Their global team of security specialists implements the best practices vital to any successful security rollout, regardless of size, enabling you to lock in long-term advantages for both your IT environment and business.

McAfee (Intel Security) Solution Services include:

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Security Quickstart Services – Fixed-duration services for smaller organizations, covering installation and upgrade, or a Intel Security Health Check for a product/suite by a remote consultant.
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Custom Services – A fully tailored service to define the exact scope of engagement to meet specific needs.
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Solution Services Packaged Implementations – These services focus on the plan, design, and implementation phases of a McAfee (Intel Security) security solution deployment. Standardized implementation packages are available for the McAfee (Intel Security)security product portfolio.

Essential Services Packages

McAfee (Intel Security) Professional Services offers pre-packaged implementation and deployment services that utilize intelligent security by design — expert advice to help organizations realize the full value of their security solution. The McAfee (Intel Security) Solution Services delivery methodology utilizes best practices to enable faster product implementation to monitor user behavior, reduce insider risk, and improve audit readiness.

Prepackaged offerings are currently available for the following McAfee (Intel Security) products:

Endpoint Security

  • McAfee (Intel Security) ePolicy Orchestrator
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Host Intrusion Prevention for Server
  • McAfee (Intel Security) MOVE AntiVirus for VDI
  • McAfee (Intel Security) MOVE AntiVirus for Virtual Servers
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Security for Email Servers (Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino)
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Security for Microsoft SharePoint
  • McAfee (Intel Security) SiteAdvisor Enterprise
  • McAfee (Intel Security) VirusScan Enterprise
  • McAfee (Intel Security) VirusScan for Mac
  • McAfee (Intel Security) VirusScan Mobile Enterprise

Data Protection

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Device Control
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Endpoint Encryption for PCs
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Host Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Network Data Loss Prevention

Email and Web Security

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Web Gateway
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Email Gateway

Mobile Security

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Enterprise Mobility Management
  • McAfee (Intel Security) VirusScan Mobile Enterprise

Network Security

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Firewall Enterprise
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Network Security Platform
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Network Threat Response
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Network User Behavior Analysis

Risk and Compliance

  • McAfee (Intel Security) Application Control
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Change Control
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Database Activity Monitoring
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Integrity Monitor
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Integrity Monitoring for Databases
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Policy Auditor
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Risk Advisor
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Security Information and Event Management
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Vulnerability Manager
  • McAfee (Intel Security) Vulnerability Manager for Databases

Enhanced Services Packages

Enhanced Services Packages enable faster product implementation and help correctly configure security solutions, achieve rapid ROI, apply best practices, and train IT staff to administer a solution.

Enhanced Services for McAfee Data Loss Prevention

Whether it’s at the network or the endpoint, protecting sensitive data is a cross-functional business concern and cannot be addressed solely as a technology problem. The right DLP process framework helps derive real value from these technologies. Enhanced Services for McAfee (Intel Security) DLP helps define processes across eight different DLP categories, guiding customers from solution architecture through technical integration and optimizing business operations.

Solution Services Methodology

The McAfee (Intel Security) six-stage methodology leverages best current security practices, including International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and PCI standards to ensure that your customers’ security investments provide the best security posture while minimizing total cost of ownership and risk.

  • Strategize — Identify requirements and service deliverables
    • Determine strategic objectives and priorities
    • Assess high-level structure of existing security environment
    • Verify hardware and software requirements
  • Plan — Develop the project plan and review that plan against the objectives
    • Review system architecture
    • Develop and review procedures
    • Develop strategy for deployment for the entire organization
  • Design — Architect the security deployment to meet operational requirements
    • Define security policies
    • Define security business process architecture
    • Specify reporting requirements
  • Implement — Deploy required security products in a pilot environment
    • Configure security products
    • Install required security products
  • Operate — Execute security operations and remediation plan
    • Assess configuration security deployment
    • Test installed deployment of security products
  • Optimize — Streamline & enhance systems through tuning & deployment of additional functionality
    • Review reporting for deployed security products
    • Refine configuration based on reports
    • Deploy additional functionality
    • Refine alerting and notification

Key Benefits

  • Reduce product installation risk by minimizing system interruptions due to misconfiguration of rules and policy settings.
  • Get faster time-to-value with proven Intel Security deployment methodology. Your organization can reduce Intel Security installation times resulting from learning new technologies, costly faultfinding, and remediation to enable faster product migration.
  • Improve ROI through faster time-to-value and a security deployment tailored to your unique environment, allowing you to get the most from your Intel Security solutions. Knowledge transfer and streamlining of administration tasks reduce day-to-day administration overhead.

If you have already purchased Blue Karma Security’s authorized support, you can call McAfee (Intel Security) support at:

Gold Business Non-Technical Support:  1-888-847-8766
Gold Business Technical Support:  1-800-937-2237